School Visits


Students at Hommocks Middle School

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I love to visit schools and meet with young readers and writers.

I offer traditional school visits of up to three sessions per day, as well as writing workshops. I also enjoy meeting with student book clubs.

If you’re interested in inviting me to your school, please email me through my Contact page. Thanks to technology, I can visit through Skype, too!

Skype visit with students at Woodhaven Middle School in Alberta, Canada

Skype visit with students at Woodhaven Middle School in Alberta, Canada

Below is what people are saying about my visits….

“The book (Devin Rhodes Is Dead) flew off our shelves and still has a waiting list. She engaged even our most reluctant readers with her presentation about writing, rejection and grit…”

–Kelsey Cohen, Librarian, Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, New York

“Ms. Kam…captivated her audience with her description of her writing process and the steps she went though to get published. After the presentations, students asked a variety of questions and Ms. Kam’s answers were insightful and inspiring. She gave the students the opportunity to see that with perseverance and hard work, dreams are achievable.”

–Arlene Laverde, Librarian, John Bowne High School, Flushing, New York

“Thank you so very much for coming–your presentation was great and very inspirational for the kids! …your message was applicable to all.”
–Julie Konvisser, PTA, Hommocks Middle School, Larchmont, New York

“Jennifer Kam’s energy, enthusiasm, and natural ability with K-5 students is just wonderful to watch! She engaged our students in an interactive and fun way. I loved watching the children laugh, create, and share as they discovered how to use their senses to boost the quality of their own writing. Mrs. Kam helped our students to discover how to take their own thoughts from boring to exciting just like writers do! I’m certain that she has inspired many future authors here at our school!”
-Susan Gallagher, Enrichment Specialist, A.P. Willits School, Syosset NY

“Students…enjoyed what you had to say about writing, and also what you had to teach them about life.”
-Stephen Collier, Secondary English Chair and Jo Beth Roberts, Information Coach, The Wheatley School, Old Westbury, New York

Signing books at JW Dodd Middle School

Signing books at JW Dodd Middle School

Hope to see you soon!