One way to write every day is to keep a daily log of your life. Okay, okay, some of you cringe at the word, ‘diary’ so we’ll hereon refer to it as a “journal.” Whatever you want to call it, a little book, into which you write daily or regularly about the goings on in your life, is a great way to practice putting words on a page. It’s also cathartic. And writing, in any form, can be cathartic.

Some of the best advice I’ve gotten was from my middle school journal (well, all right. It was from me, I suppose.) Seeing the gooey goings on of my life written on paper helped me to better make sense of them.

Writing down your feelings is a great way to learn how to write about your character’s feelings. After all, your characters do have feelings, and thoughts and dreams…and you’ll need to find a way to communicate them to your reader. 

At its best, writing is about taking your reader on a journey through the world of your character(s). About connecting the reader to your character(s). 

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