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WRITE NOW…with Linden McNeilly

As readers, we know the bliss of getting lost in the world of story, the thrill of discovering new realms and visiting wondrous and distant places. As writers, we experience the joy of creating these worlds, designing their landscapes, constructing their features. This week, Linden McNeilly, author of … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Hazel Mitchell and Liza Gardner Walsh

                      What a treat today to host an author/illustrator team this week on WRITE NOW. Where Do Fairies Go When It Snows?, the delightful picture book by Liza Gardner Walsh, … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Ann Jacobus

  Ah, Paris! The City of Light, love, art and beauty. But Paris has its dark side, too, which serves as an integral part of the setting for Ann Jacobus’ powerful and gripping debut young adult novel, Romancing the Dark in the … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Dianne White

In Dianne White’s beautiful debut, BLUE on BLUE, an encroaching storm breaks through the calm of a family’s day on their farm. Dianne’s stunning language captures the storm and its beauty in gentle rhythmic tones. Her gorgeous words delight and reassure young readers, as … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Jen White

  There is nothing “almost brave” about Jen White’s debut novel. Survival Strategies of the Almost Brave is big and bright and full of courage and heart. And there is nothing “almost brave” about Jen White–particularly when she talks about finding … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett is simply unforgettable. Known for her humor and her heart, Kelly’s books are bursting with both. Her picture book, Not Norman, A Goldfish Story–a favorite of my son’s–recently celebrated 10 years in print and was chosen for Jumpstart’s Read for the … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with JaNay Brown-Wood

When JaNay Brown-Wood and I met as co-recipients of the NAESP Book Award, I was immediately drawn to her warmth and enthusiasm. Her beautiful debut picture book, Imani’s Moon, with gorgeous illustrations by Hazel Mitchell, encourages young children to believe in themselves, … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Erin E. Moulton

Erin E. Moulton knows sisterhood–its presence shines in her novels. It’s woven throughout her newest release, Keepers of the Labyrinth, with mystery, mythology and a touch of magic. Erin knows magic, too–not just the enchanted kind, but the kind that connects … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Nancy Bo Flood

To meet Nancy Bo Flood is to be put immediately at ease by her calm and gentle manner, as well as her kindness. All of this is evident in her writing–along with the richness of her storytelling and her evocative and … Continue reading


WRITE NOW…with Sarah Tomp

It was a privilege to be entrusted with early drafts of Sarah Tomp’s wonderful debut novel, My Best Everything. I fell in love with Sarah’s lyrical language and lush world-building. I adored her flawed but courageous Lulu and wished more than … Continue reading