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Mackinac Island Press/Charlesbridge October 2014                        


ISBN: 978-1-934133-59-0

Devin Rhodes, my best friend, is being buried in her parents’ garden, two feet beneath the agapanthus, in a green ceramic urn. Just her ashes, really: charred little flakes of humanity, which bear no resemblance to her thick honey curls, faded jeans, and shimmering brown lip gloss. But she loved flowers. And while her mother’s rows of budding shrubs are nothing compared to the lush gardens in Eastland Park—her favorite spot—this patch of moist, warm earth seems a fitting resting place.

Devin died over the weekend. And here’s the thing: it’s my fault.

When beautiful, precocious, fifteen-year-old Devin Rhodes is found dead at the bottom of a ravine, no one knows how or why. In the aftermath of the heartbreak, her best friend, Cass, remains troubled by their final moments together.

Devin had betrayed Cass on the night she died. How could Cass forget that boy-crazy Devin only cared about herself? How could she think that she might be more to Devin than a frumpy, fat tagalong? Still, Cass can’t quite shake a sense of guilt. Soon she begins to feel haunted by something—or rather someone.

Written in before-and-after chapters, DEVIN RHODES IS DEAD is a chilling coming-of-age novel about the friendships we keep.

“…Kam keeps atmosphere, suspense and characters realistically entwined.” 

                                                                    –Kirkus Reviews

“Anyone who’s ever experienced the drama and agony of teenage friendship will absolutely adore it…the surprise ending will thrill young readers.”


“…this supernatural mystery is brisk and suspenseful.”

                                                                       –The Horn Book Guide

“You will devour this book…Jennifer Wolf Kam has done an excellent job of making the story relatable and real, with just a touch of danger and spookiness. From best friend drama, boy troubles, and not being comfortable in your own skin, Wolf Kam has made me feel like a teenager again or perhaps made me realize how much I don’t miss it! Devin Rhodes is dead is a quick easy read for the teenager in your heart and/or your life.”

                                        –Natalie Morrow, San Diego Book Review